Travel in tradition through taste

Let’s celebrate Puglia by rediscovering the authentic flavors and values ​​of the past.
We tell the story of our places with good cuisine, that of the past.
Using traditional ingredients, we rediscover the authenticity of the past, to write a new time, even through the palate.

This is how we excite our guests, leading them by the hand on an emotional journey through the culinary history of Salento.

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We have prepared a menu that celebrates the richness of Salento’s tradition, with a touch of modernity that makes it unique.
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The essence of Salento’s culinary tradition

Our chef, who likes to call herself a “home chef”, will prepare dishes of the excellence of our places for you, using the same techniques of the housewives of the past and allowing you to savor all the authentic taste of our typical dishes.

In the taste of the courses you will hear about ancient flavors, you will experience the adventures of the fishermen and the slow work of the fields, sipping primordial grapes from which our divine nectar quickly flows.

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Dearest my Friend,

I am writing to tell You about an emotion I experienced during my stay in Puglia.

I had dinner at Le Cinque Vele… a wonderful, almost magical atmosphere…

they have organized everything to make every guest feel at home even in the evening and to allow them to experience total immersion in the local culture and traditions.

A real experience among the true flavors of the Salento land!

They welcome You, to make You sit in their enchanting location,

choosing to welcome You the best bubbles of Salento, so as to better prepare the palate to receive the great variety of appetizers they have prepared for You …

the ingredients they are made of come from the land, the Mediterranean Sea and the best farmers in their area.

After the appetizer, You can choose a first course and a second course from the courses expertly prepared by a passionate cook, dishes that all belong to the culinary history of Salento…

and select the right courses so that You, savoring them, can discover how, through ancient knowledge, rudimentary cooking techniques and eccentric casseroles and tools, the breeders, farmers and fishermen of these places, managed, with acute mastery, to put together simple ingredients from a poor but authentic and lively land, giving life to unique and succulent dishes.

The dishes are delicious and masterfully prepared, savoring them, You feel the full flavor of the history of these places, of the people who lived and live there and who made them what they are today.

They enliven Your evening with the best cellars of Salento, wines skilfully paired with courses by a skilled maitre d’ who will be able to suggest the most suitable nectar to combine with your favorite dish to refine all its flavour.

Finally, You can enjoy the traditional Salento dessert.

It is an artisan dessert, a delicacy that the local families of the past used to prepare at home during the holidays… the Spumone,

an ice cream, refined by the particular shape that contains a crunchy and delicate heart…like their land…Salento…

If You pass through this magnificent land, go and visit them…it is a unique opportunity to get excited in an evening of other times…

see you soon,

Elio Zefirino Poseidone

At dinner at Le Cinque Vele, to discover the authentic cuisine of the past

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